Monday, February 23, 2009

the slumdog oscars

i was subconsciously rooting for Mickey Rourke to win the oscar but thats partly because i really enjoyed his interview with Barbara Walters. i thought the wrestler was dope and a great "comeback" film since thats what everyone seems to be callin it. slumdog was cool but I am not sure if i expected them to win as many oscars as it did during the night. it was cool to see almost the entire cast there tho. oh, and hold on, what's with penelope cruz taking that oscar, i mean i didn't see the film she was in, so perhaps that needs to happen soon, but i was taken a back by that. i did love her dress and her beautiful acceptance speech. it was gorgeous. speaking of dresses, did anyone see sarah jessica parkers dress? i thought miley cyrus' dress was cute too. and what was with alicia keys' wig? her dress was stunning but i was distracted by the hair. glad keith ledger won. of course it was a chilling moment when the camera turned to the faces of all the actors and their seemingly intense compassion for the ledger family during their acceptance speech...kate winslet was beautiful as always. overall, it was an entertaining award show. i could really appreciate the moments when they had five presenters come out, all of whom were previous award recipients for the specific given category, and say kind things about each nominee. I thought that was really meaningful and payed an incredible amount of respect to all nominees and not just the winner. it was a nice gesture on the academy's part. well, feel free to let me know what you enjoyed most or didnt for that matter? i'm out.


  1. about penelope cruz -- word.

    all the previous oscar winners coming out -- word, duce.

    about mr. ledger -- maaaaan...

    i loved him as the joker.

  2. haha i appreciate your comment. word