Monday, April 13, 2009

this woman's voice is magic fairy dust

this past weekend was the infamous soundbites poetry festival hosted by Mahogany L Browne and Jive Poetic. It was a weekend of raw inspiration and soul riveting metaphors. In particular there was a beautiful firefly of a singer featured on sunday. Her voice is something to witness, like catching the holy ghost of love, pure possession. I wanted to share her info with you guys and encourage you to support her music. Her name is Grace Kalambay. I actually have known her for a while, at least two years and have never heard her sing until this weekend. I bet you can imagine my surprise when I heard her blow like the sweet wind. You can find her working at the lovely Bowery Poetry Club somedays or at a local venue playing her guitar. Check her out HERE


  1. Ya! I found your blog!

    Katie Harris

  2. Grace was amazing at soundbytes
    I did not expect that voice
    She is the truth .