Wednesday, June 10, 2009

dedication to the 90s LADIES!!!

Alright so I had to dedicate a blog to the 90s female R&B groups. I had like an ol school jam session with one of my home girls last night and it ranged from diana ross to stevie wonder to swv and when i heard their song i was like damn i miss the feel of music in that was like one of the best times to be a little girl with the range in images of black female groups. so here's an ode to all you ladies out there!!!!

aja monet

i can not begin to explain how much i used to love these i was totally one of those little girls in the mirror singing my heart out to Xscape songs, i couldve sworn i was gonna be a member when i grew up...haha, yea rite.
imagine little aja with a brush in her hand, thinking i was getting it in to a mic and i coulda sworn i was hittin them notes hilarious

I used to the love these girls...they were the ish, the baggy clothes, swag, and beauty.

and of course the infamous TLC...them on stilts in the water is forever a lasting image ingrained in my mind. mad love for these ladies...

these ladies defined female sexuality in the 90's. they're always gonna be the classic female group, no denying it...

ahhhh, EN VOGUE!! these girls used to work the shit out of their vocals...

do yall remember these girls?? no one brings them up anymore...

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  1. I hope you post a dedication to the solo artists. You can't talk about 90's R&B without talking about Shanice...

    This diehard metalhead's guilty pleasure!

  2. I wrote a poem once, about my dismay at the eighties slippin away. Sample:

    'I wore an MC flat top / lopside
    with a grade two undercut
    a hypercolour bodysuit
    happy-pants & british knight shoes
    I wanted to date the mac daddy
    from kriss kross
    lord / he made me jump jump
    in my high-top boots'

    Haven't written a 90's nostalgia poem yet, but this post makes me think of doing it. Thanks for your blog Aja, I'm digging it from all the way down under the world (Australia).

  3. Now you have me thinking about the 90's as a

    Good choice with these outstanding artists. I LOVED "Right Here" by SWV-- it's a Fave!! Keep up the good work.