Wednesday, March 11, 2009

um, is it just me?

it is MARCH which means this is the month we assigned to celebrate "women's history." And yet, I see NO celebrating going on except a few events here and there (scarce). What happened to the network television promos and montages to women, huh? I don't mean to be the raging feminist here--but uh, how about some damn parades, call in the troops ladies and bring the yogurt n soy milk commercials with you!! it seems we now feel less important than we already knew we were. hahaha. i kid, i kid. remember, things are changing. of course we're important! after all, we have vaginas now don't we. and we all know how wonderful vaginas are...we create moons and planets and miracles and little screaming people that come out of our bodies only to grow up and invent ridiculous concepts to hate other people for....ahh what greatness it is that is we. women. But no seriously, im totally not on my period, i promise. don't confuse this for pms anger. i'm not angry and i'm definitely not an angry black woman, why that would be ridiculous. in this day and age, women have more class than that, than to get angry and concerned with themselves. why, we just live in the idiot box as a nice accessory to your family household. awwww....ain't that somethin' special.


  1. vaginas are important every month.
    I Celebrate them openly.


  2. aww aja
    your sarcasm is lovely.