Sunday, March 15, 2009

what do you remember?

Here's an exercise a professor gave real quick for getting a list poem: write 10 sentences starting with "I remember"

I remember list
by aja-monet

I remember the freckled summer sky we met beneath.
I remember your breath grazing my neck.
I remember your laughter disturbing the wind.
I remember your toes shedding from the cold.
I remember the frame and portrait of your body mounted up against the wall like a family heirloom.
I remember the forest of your skin after a shower.
I remember your grandmother stuttering through her memories of you and how light left your face.
I remember the time you called me crazy and I put all your socks in your underwear drawer.
I remember putting you in a head lock while we wrestled through each others bodies.
I remember scaling your razor bumps like braille.


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    This is beautiful

  2. Once never fail to produce words of imagery for my mind to have for dinner. And every line in this one,was a spoonful of grace, savored with every gulp.