Thursday, July 30, 2009

O.I. poem #7

who ever said god wants to save the world
and what if the world needs no saving, thank you very much.
maybe god doesn’t want to be your witness,
doesn’t really like your prayers, didn't really trouble the water.

what if god is writing a book
and we are his childhood, some Freudian past he can’t escape
maybe he tries to write his trauma away,
into a really great novel, and maybe
we’re all metaphor and prose.
who ever said god was a great writer anyway,
maybe he just uses fancy words.
maybe god wishes we’d get out of his head
like an embarrassing moment.

what if he had Alzheimer's and forgot all our names,
misplaced our memories,
maybe he just forgot.

And god doesn’t have to love us.
what if he wants to grow toothless
and die of old age, forgotten, just a name.

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