Monday, January 12, 2009

ask alexyss

to all the women out there that do not know about ms alexyss taylor... she sure is somethin else. I just wanted to share this clip and will later speak on the whole "vagina power" movement. In this clip she doesnt speak so much on vagina power as she does an altogether different issue with black women and their mothers. A good friend of mind, Eden Jeffries and I, have been really following this whole movement of female empowerent while trying to encourage women to take control of their sexuality and spirituality. What started as a humorous past time of ours, making fun of vagina power etc, has now turned into a somewhat important movement for us. Mostly, we find Alexyss entertaining and quite hilarious. She may not be the most exemplary of black women, but many of her points are relevant and valid. However, the character she plays is so outrageous that most people do not take her serious, let alone me. She plays her role well. All the profanity is not necessary but emphasizes her overt confrontation of sexuality. enjoy the extremity. she means well, or at the very least, i hope she means well...please note the classical music she has playing in the background while she cussin up a storm hahahahahaha, oh alexyss taylor....hahaha shout out to eden!! throw up the V! check my homegirl out on her myspace page: (i think she has some real music potential, don't you? lol)


  1. i absolutely support Aja in her explorations of vagina power! and yes, Alexyss is one of my great inspirations. Don't be fooled by her country and seemingly ignorant demeanor, she speaks from the heart and she speaks the truth and in fact, the way in which she articulates herself can be a very smart choice on her point because the language is more accessible to the majority of black people, her main audience. All that aside, she's hilarious!
    Holdin it down for the OVs (ovaries), throwin the V up, support the movement

  2. i think she has every right in cursing
    and honestly thats what attracted me to her
    its not "lady-like" its not conventional
    shes not closing her legs, but rather opening them and showin the world that what she go to say is real
    jus cause its not scholarship dont mean shortys not a scholar...word

  3. I'm not sure Tchaikovsky intended his "Nutcracker" Suite to serve as theme music for feminism, though I appreciate the hilarity of the coincidence!

  4. I cannot tell you how much Alexyss is hitting this issue right on the head. I know highly-educated, exquisitely beautiful beyond beauty women who are enmeshed with their mothers in this very way.

    This of course sounds self-serving but rarely has a woman rejected me because SHE rejects me. It was always because of something else outside of her.

    I covered Alexyss here back in 2007 here:

    “Alexyss K. Tylor and Almost Every Flashy Female Poet since Zora Neal Hurston”