Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New York Magazine Video Look Book

So around two years ago Spring 2007, I was stopped by these two women from the New York Magazine that wanted to interview me about what I was wearing. I was conducting a performance exercise in Union Sq park so I was taken a little off guard but the guys from my workshop made fun of me and pushed me to do it. If you can tell I was a little geeky and cheesey the whole time cause they were watching along with every other NYer in the park. I also lost some weight since then haha. Also, Amy Loracca pronounced my name wrong which is really weird. But I just thought I should share with you all my geekiness... I miss the guys from this workshop... if you're out there reading this, shout out the the Odyssey House Brotherhood Poets of 2007!


  1. WHOA WHAT IS YOUR NAME? LOL. I love you, Aj!!! love, Caitlin

  2. You look good in this vid and interview. And I admire you dedication to aspire to inspire common man. Continue to educate the masses with you magnum Tongue gun...shooting a conscious flava of lyrical liquor in the ear of minds mouths. ;) (I hope you got what I'm tryna say. lol. Sometimes my words can be complex for people to get. but i'm sure you do.)