Friday, January 16, 2009

Lawrence Road Middle School

Good afternoon folks in cyberspace. I wanted to tell people a little bit about some workshops I have been doing in Uniondale in collaboration with a teacher at Lawrence Road Middle school, Yuval Malkiel and also, Ms. Mahogany Browne. Now, I came up with this idea that since I meet with my students weekly and assign poems weekly, I would take advantage of the things they already use and try to make doing these assignments more intriguing for them by giving them a little initiative. Perhaps, this will encourage a whole different mode and type of passion on their part but we will wait and see. So, last week I told the lovely ladies of my workshop that I wanted them to start emailing me their poems and that at the end of the week I would decide which poem would be featured here on my blog. That way others can read and learn a little bit about the amaziness that is them--also it will hopefully ask for a different type of commitment to their work. When I asked whether or not they all had myspaces, emails, and AIM there were no hands left unraised, and being that the internet is addictive to these kids as much as it is to myself and others alike, I think this should prove to work out well. Please support them by at the very least reading the poems I post of theirs and perhaps giving them some encouraging feedback; they are great kids.

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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    It's wonderful that you work with the's definitely my favorite group to work with. I look forward to reading their poems.