Friday, January 23, 2009

they estimate over 2 million gathered in DC for the inauguration...

It was all really last minute, when I finally convinced myself that I should make an effort to go to Washington, DC for President Barack Obama's Inauguration and though it was physically, a tiring trip, I am glad I was there. I was invited to perform for the NAACP's Pre Inauguration event which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I got to vibe with some good friends and it set up the motive for Ainsley, Sabrina, Javon, and I to road trip together. We spent our time marching through crowds, staying up all hours of the day in the freezing cold, eating all kinds of junk and it brought us together in a memorable way. Let me just say, the most consistent joke of the trip was generally pertaining to the amount of fur coats (real or fake) that we saw through out the trip. You wouldn't believe how many people walk out the house every morning swearing up and down their fur coat is in style. Hilarious. Anyway, I particularly enjoyed the Busboy and Poets Restaurant, ironically they turned down a perfectly great open mic opportunity with a whole host of poets in town. pretty stupid move on their part or at least the manager who argued it'd affect the shifts of his waiters blah blah blah. dude, like really, your whole shit is called "busboy and poets" and you have like ten poets from all over the country in town, its not everyday Obamas be President like this... i really think something magical could have happened, artistically in the context of where and what we were all there for...but whatever. just goes to show we aren't all prepared to change in order for real change to take place. it was a disappointment. I'll leave it at that. On to more important moments, I know at the time we weren't thinking this cause it was cold as an icebox while we were outside all day, but it was really something to see all those people flocking inside the Smithsonian for warmth. how we all shared space and made a way...if you were there im sure you feel me. in more ways than one this trip really fostered an energy that encourages unity and strength through numbers, we actually had many interesting discussions and arguments on this trip, about masculinity, politics of course, love, loss and everything in between but inspite of our differences and disagreements overall i think it brought us together. i learned something from everyone we came across and jotted down some beautiful observations.most people held a certain spirit throughout the weekend, a hopeful spirit. and of course, laughter was the greatest thing we could have ever thought to share with each other. I was journaling while we were out there maybe i'll excerpt some entry up here soon. but for now just wanted to share the photos I took. hopefully you'll enjoy them and see a bit of the way I experienced the inauguration right there in DC!

For more photos of the inauguration weekend I spent in DC CLICK HERE!

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